Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 50th Christi!!

Today is Christi Milliken's 50th birthday and her very sweet Mom organized a Nifty Fifty blog hop just for Christi!

I met Christi through her blog and she is an AMAZING person. Every blog post she writes makes me smile and warms my heart is many ways. She is generous, creative, loving, caring and a blessing to many! She's definitely a blessing to me :) Thanks Christi for touching my life! Your card and gift will be mailed tomorrow - sorry I'm late! :)

Here's wishing you a FABULOUS 50TH!!

Please visit Christi's blog to wish her Happy Birthday and see for yourself how sweet she is!
Here is the list for the blog hop:
5. Christi Thorsen
6. Cammie (Carolyn King)
11. Jeanette Fincher


stampmonkey said...

What a fun surprise this has been! Thanks so much, Jeanette, for being a part of this wonderful day (even if I had to turn 50 years OLD to spur it on -lol)! No worries about having to make/send me a card --I'm more than good with just your sweet I know how very busy you are.

Thanks, too, for all your kind words. Everything you said could be said about you, and then some. You are blessing to me --thank you again.

Now I'm off to spend the evening with my family...and enjoy a BBQ'd steak dinner with some red wine. Hope you enjoy your evening too. ;)

Elise said...

Hey, Jeanette! I'm so glad I checked back ~ I love your graphic and heart felt wishes! This was an extremely fun way to celebrate, indeed! Glad to meet you, via this cool blog hop! Have a relaxing rest of your Sunday!

Monica Larson said...

i'm christi's oldest daughter and i wanted to tell you thank you and let you know how much i appreciate you being a part of the bday blog hop. i know it made my mom feel so special and loved. thanks again!