Sunday, April 19, 2009

Banana Split Sunday and a PSA

Hi! It's Banana Split Sunday and today's challenge is called "You're an Animal" so we are challenging you to use your favorite animal stamp on your project. This is my most recent animal stamp from Rachelle Anne Miller. It's called "Going Fishing". I love this little guy. I used him to make a baby card here, but you could also use him for so many other things!

Stamps: Going Fishing - Rachelle Anne Miller
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Chalk Ink Creamy Brown
Paper: Bazzill, Imaginisce Baby Powder Collection
Other: Nestabilities Labels One, May Arts blue Twinkle ribbon, prismacolor pencils & mineral spirits, Making Memories star flocked brad

Now for my PSA and if your child plays softball PLEASE read this. I would think this could pertain to baseball as well, but this happened at a softball game this morning! Sara plays softball and has played since she was about 5 years old and she is 15 now, so all the girls playing softball this morning knew what they were doing, what happened was NOT because they were inexperienced!!!! Our pitcher and 3rd basemen wear protective masks on their faces, I'm not talking about batting helmets when they are hitting, but protective masks when they are in the field. The opposing team's 1st base coach casually asked one of our coaches why our pitcher wears that, if she had gotten hit in the face before, and our coach told him that no, she had not, but she wears it for protection. Well, about 3 innings into the game, a line drive was hit solidly right back to the other team's pitcher and was hit so hard, that she didn't have time to move or get her glove up, so the ball hit her in the nose and eye socket! One of the dads on the other team is a doctor so he ran out there along with the coaches and they were all trying to control the blood. The ambulance came and they secured her head and body to the gurney and took her to the hospital. I asked one of our coaches what the dad doctor said, and our coach told me that although he did not examine her out on the field, he thinks she possibly shattered her eye socket and broke her nose. Let me tell you it was the scariest softball pitch that I've ever witnessed. Here is a link to a company that sells the facemasks and has testimonials of why at the very least the pitchers and 1st and 3rd basemen should wear them.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now, I just can't express how fast this happened.

Edited to add: Sara has received word from one of our coaches, that the pitcher did not shatter her eye socket - yeah!!! Her nose is broken as is the top part of her cheekbone where it meets her eye, but her vision at this time looks to be fine :) Please pass along this experience because it is so important to keep our kids safe and although the chances of it happening are slim, it does happen!

Our coach has gotten a more detailed update on the injured player. She is out of the hospital and our player who hit the ball has called her and spoken with her. The injured girl has been in good spirits! The injuries are a broken nose, fractures to her nasal cavities and also orbital fractures in both eyes. BUT, things are looking good for her :) Once again, I can't tell you what an impact this had made on me. Sara plays outfield, she's a center fielder at heart and loves it!!! But, my heart just goes out to that pitcher! I can't even imagine what her parents have gone through emotionally with this. So, once again, PLEASE, if your child or some child in your family plays infield on a softball field, pass this story along with the link to the facemask. THANKS!!

Our quote for the day: "Hold a true friend with both hands." - Nigerian Proverb

Thanks so much for stopping by and go hug your child/children.


Danni said...

Totally cute card!That image is just too adorable!!
OMG! on your story for today. I will remember this for sure!!

Deb said...

Your card for today is absolutely adorable! My mom collects elephant trinkets, so I am always drawn to them! Scary story about the softball game. I hope everything is okay! Sayin' a prayer for all the girls, especially the one suffering the injury. I broke my nose in highschool, so I know it sure *ain't no picnic!*

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh my gosh, I had to share your story with my husband....because our 4-year-old just started t-ball and I'm already wigged out about her getting hit in the face. Oye!

Your card is totally adorable. I looked at the new Rachelle Ann Miller release and this elephant was one of my two favorites. He's cuuuuute! Love that blue organdy ribbon at the bottom.

Ann said...

Super cute image!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

This little guy looks great on a baby card! Too cute! How scary about the pitcher...yikes!

Maraya said...

Very cute card, Jeanette! Mackenzie plays catcher and shortstop so we'll need to look into the face mask too.

Teresa said...

Your elephant card is super cute, I can see why he is a favorite.

Thanks for the safety story. My neice pitches and she wears one of those helmets. Glad that young lady is fairly okay.

Lynette Neus said...

What a sweet card, Jeanette! What a scary thing you witnessed. That poor pitcher. Thanks for sharing your advice.

Wendy said...

This card is so adorable. I love that elephant! Nice job.

stampmonkey said...

Your elephant baby card is adorable! You did such a great job coloring that sweet image, and I love the flocked brad you added too. ;)

Frightening story, Jeanette!! None of our kids play/played softball or baseball, but I can totally see this type of thing happening. Thanks for the alert and the link. I hope it will help save someone else from going through such trauma.

LeAnne said...

Love your card! Hope the pitcher recovers fully! That happened to an adult male friend of mine---he is fine now, but his jaw was broken and he had to have it wired shut for 2 months--on a liquid diet! VERY scary, but thankfully his face looks the same. He continued playing, but used a mask, obviously, and I don't think his heart was ever in it like before. Thanks for the link so others can be safe.

Christina Fischer said...

Whoa, that's a scary story! I'm so glad the girl is okay!

Your card is absolutely adorable! :)

Heather said...


This Elephant is adorable!!! I love elephants and they are so great!!! How sweet is this card!!!

I am so impressed!!!