Thursday, January 9, 2014

My first goal for 2014

Hi and Happy New Year!! 

I've been thinking about New Year's resolutions and to be perfectly honest, I'm not good at them.  So, I have decided to set goals instead.  :)  My first craft related goal is to tame my growing pile of paper scraps.  In fact, I'm telling myself that I'm not going to purchase anything new until I have used MUCH of what I have.   
The word scraps has a bad connotation, so I've been thinking about calling them leftovers.   I LOVE leftovers, espcially Italian ones.  :)  You know, these are the pieces of paper that are 'leftover' after you use the whole piece of paper for your original project.  There isn't anything wrong with these pieces and they should get some love!!

Here are my first two samples.   I am continuing my support for Operation Write Home this year and many of these cards will go to support our troops!

  I would love to find all kinds of cards to make using my leftovers.   If you have inspiration cards for using them, please let me know.  You can leave a link in the comments and I will definitely visit. 

 I also peruse pinterest quite often looking for cards that would work for using leftovers.   My username is Jeanette Fincher in case you have a pinterest account.  Let me know if you do and I will follow you! 

Quote for the day:  

I love this word!!  Always have. :)

I hope to post a little more often now that we are moved and getting settled in.  Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


Teresa said...

Hello Happy New Year. Great idea to have goals. Your hugs cards are very cute. Love that sentiment. I think my goal is to post more. ha ha we'll see. I'm going to have more time on my hands with the store closing. Very sad about it but life moves on. I am organizing a crop for old employees and wish you could be there. :)

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Saw the name of your blog Lagniappe. That was my friend's WORD of the Year for 2014. Great use of your leftovers for the OBD challenge!

Lynette said...

Wonderful cards, Jeanette! Great use of your leftovers. How cool that you've moved and getting settled. Enjoy your new home and best wishes to you and your family.