Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I use my Inspiration Box.....

Good Morning! I hope to be posting twice today. This one and my sneak peek for CC Designs "Eric & Chrissy go Prehistoric" :) I'm still working on that one though! So we'll start with this one.

When I make cards, I try to make at least 2 of the same card. That way I can send one to someone special and still have one to use 'in case of emergency - like my daughter has a friend's birthday the very next day and needs a card to take to school :) or I like to use them as inspiration when my mojo is missing. Sometimes I just like a card and come up with other ideas to use the layout or pieces for. That was the case with the Autumn Splendor card.
Below is the original Autumn Splendor card and I really liked how simple yet pretty it turned out so I thought about my "Flowers for Daisy" stamps by Asela Hopkins manufactured by Gina K. These are beautiful stamps and I just knew they would work well with this card. So that's what I did. I did stamp the sentiment before embossing the swiss dots and I tied a know instead of a bow. Other than that, these cards are basically the same. So, when you're feeling lost for ideas, go to your inspiration box and there will be SOMETHING that you love about one of your cards, maybe the colors, maybe the layout, maybe the simplicity, maybe the mood it evokes. Use it!! You can mix and match different things about different cards and your new card will look completely new! It's kind of fun to do that.

Okay, I'm off to finish my Prehistoric card. I'll put our quote of the day on that post. Just wanted to share this while I was thinking of it!

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ChrissyM said...

Lovely cards! It's funny how that works I can have no ideas at all then I look at someone elses card or layout and bang I get an idea that has no relation to thier project. I like it even more when you see a sketch and instant card/layout idea comes to mind as soon as you laid eyes on the sketch.