Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bright and Happy

Today's card is definitely bright and cheerful. I know it's not fall colors, but it is happy......
This is a really simple card that I made with teenage girls in mind. The bright colors and the font with the dots on the ends of the letters just remind me of teenage girls and that makes me happy! Plus I used my old sizzix dies on it and that makes me happy too. I love when I take things I've had in my 'stash' for a while and make something fun with them. I have a bad habit of saving things for 'just the right card' or 'just the right scrapbook page'. My daughter is helping me with this because she now makes cards and scrapbooks too and she uses the papers and embellishments that she likes, she has no clue that I was 'saving' that paper for the 'perfect' card or page (not that I really was, I just tell myself that). Doesn't matter that I've had it for 6 or 8 months and still haven't used it...... The first time she used something that I had been 'saving' she had been making cards while I wasn't home. She told me what she used and I must have made a funny face because she said, "Did you have plans for that paper?" and she felt really badly about it. But in reality I didn't have any plans at all for it, I just liked it and I was really glad that she did use it because now I wasn't the only one getting to enjoy it. Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter than it could be, she helped me that day to use the things that I like and not save them for the 'perfect' opportunity, that may never come along. Besides that we all know that the manufacturers are going to release more things that I love and if I don't use what I have, where am I supposed to put the new stuff? :o)
Okay, back to the card. I used old Keeping Memories Alive gingham paper, plain cardstock, the sizzix frames, rectangle and scallop (I inked the scalloped one with red ink) and Jolee's ladybug & flower photo corners. the stamp is by Darcie's Country Folk. Easy as can be! Thanks for stopping by today!

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