Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ben & Sara

I was browsing through pictures this morning trying to decide what card to show you (I try to get hubby to take lots of pictures of cards at once, then when I'm ready to post, I just have to choose :) But I came across this picture and I decided that since I talk about my children you should at least know who I'm talking about. These are the two youngest, Ben & Sara. Cliff was just playing around with them since it's almost time to take pictures for our Christmas cards and he got some really good ones. I LOVE this one. I think it really captures their personalities. I know Thanksgiving is over, but gratitude is ALWAYS. I am grateful that these 2 young people are in our life and I just want them to know that, which is why I scrapbook! We are going to Louisiana for Christmas, so I will get pictures of all the kids and the grands too so then I can share that too. Until then, hug you kids an extra time today for they truly are special!!! Okay, now I'll go back to trying to find a fun card to share. Have a great day!!!!

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Texas Youth said...

They are my beautiful niece and nephew....they look just like me :)