Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Candy with some help from You :)

Good Morning! Well, today is the day! I told you I've been thinking about some different things that I want to do with my blog and I have come up with a couple of ideas, but I want your opinions on what you want to see and what would be helpful to you and any different ideas that you have. Whatever we decide won't be set in stone. If we try something and it really isn't working, we'll move on to another idea. But I would REALLY like to hear your opinions on this so please leave me a comment with your opinion and you will be entered into a drawing for this lovely blog candy pictured here, fun stuff!!!

Okay, here are my ideas:
1 - Unloved stamp day - this doesn't mean you use a stamp you don't really like, it means you use a stamp that you love, but that you haven't ever used or you haven't used in a while.

2 - Use this image (or one similar) - With this one I will post a stamp and you will be challenged to use this stamp if you have it or one similar to it. If it's a background stamp I post, use a background stamp, if it's a flower, use a similar flower.

3 - Patterned Paper Combo Challenge - With this one I would specify 2 or 3 patterns of paper and you would be challenged to use all of them on a card or page or altered item. For instance I might choose dots & paisleys, or plaid & stripes.

4 - Use these products Challenge - With this one I would specify 2 or 3 specific products for you to use on a card, page or altered item. For instance it might be chipboard, and buttons, or ribbon and stitching.

5 - We could also go for a specific type of card day, like Thank You Thursday or Birthday Tuesday and maybe we could also specify the kind of thank you or birthday card, for instance a thank you card for men or a birthday card for a child.

With all of these challenges, after you've created your item, I would love for you to put a link in my comments so we can see your creations as well.

Okay, today is Thursday so I'll will take comments until Sunday night midnight and then draw a winner of the blog candy on Monday morning. If you have any additional ideas I would love to hear them too! Thanks for your help with this.

Our quote for the day: "Peace begins with a smile." - Mother Teresa

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Krisstee said...

Yikes.......I hate beng first. LOL Well maybe first is good at pot luck suppers. :)
You have some really great ideas already. Paper Lace might be an idea in a card or srap page. Easy to create with some of our punches.
Gift wrap with matching card is another good challenge.
Life's a beach......card or page.
Ok..I shall would think that I would have more to show on my blog. I spend so much time on everybody else's........No time for my own. I will have to reduce my blog reading to one cup of Java in the morings. Gulp!

lisa k said...

I love the idea of doing a weekly challenge with you...not many of those ideas out there it is an it! Not so much a technique challenge but the 3 products!!! lisa k

Anonymous said...

Gosh your ideas are great! I don't thik I could do better. I especially like the "use a certain product" idea, especially if it's something most folks aren't too familiar with! Hope I win this great candy package!
Mary Puskar

~CutItOutCreations~ said...

I love your ideas and came up with one of my about a challenge to create a card by stepping outside your comfort zone?

By this, I mean most of us typically have a "formula" that we fall back least I do...and by stepping outside our comfort zone, we could all try that technique or sketch that we've been intimidated by for so long. You know, the one you've saved and keep telling yourself, "One day, I *really* am going to do that one."

Also want to say that I love seeing all your designs! Thanks for sharing them with us.

CAKVD said...

Great ideas! I love the "unloved stamp day." I would have fun with that one!
Great candy!
Cheryl KVD

Crafting Addict said...

I think they are awesome!!! My favorite is the use the pattern paper. And I also love the specific card challenge!!! Love the ideas!!!


Chrissy said...

I suggest options 1 and 5. I would like to join in on more challenges but if its a specific tool or paper I may not have it but if its a specific theme or use a stamp you forgot about when work great.


Amie said...

I like the idea of using something old! Thanks for the opportunity!


Linda SS said...

I LOVE your ideas. I probably have used less than half of my stamps so the Unloved Stamp idea is one that I'd really enjoy. Can't wait to see what you decide to go with.

nettystamps said...

This is a really good idea. Not only are these challenges but one could use them as inspiration if they were stuck on something. Your "challenge" of the day might be what gives someone the boost they need. And your topics are awesome..... :)

cmc mom in oh-Laura said...

I love all of those ideas. I would participate in as many as I have time for. I don't have a blog, can we email you and you post picture?

Jeanette said...

yes, I would be happy to have you send me your pictures to post, no problems there :)

Mikesgal said...

I love all of your ideas! I am adding you to my favorites and I can't wait to start working on your challenges!

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I think they are all great ideas, especially the unloved stamp day, I have several that just kind of get set aside and need to be rediscovered.

Adair said...

Your ideas of fabulous! I like the unloved stamp idea a lot. I have sooooo many of these and would enjoy the encouragement to dust them off from time to time. I do also have a comment on one thing I DON'T want you to change...the quote for the day. I love quotes and yours always inspires me.

stampqueen said...

I like all your ideas. I also would like to see maybe something like ways to use it - one stamp used with different colors, layouts, techniques or just fidderent ways to use it.

Gerriann said...

I love the challenges even though I dont get to play all the time but love the ideas that some from them so as I read all your items I thought I really need to see what she comes up with. Love them all. Thanks for letting us play!

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Great ideas and great way to get feedback! I think my favourite three are: the unloved stamp challenge (What a great way to do new things with "old" stamps); the use this image strikes me as the most flexible for sure (and the patterned paper combo is fresh.) Layouts are always a big hit too. I've seen people just photograph a drawing of them, since it can be hard to make pdfs of them.
Thanks for the chance to win blog candy! :0) Mel

chelemom said...

I may be too late, but here is waht I think! I love all of the ideas, but especially the stamps that are loved but not used. I think we get so caught up in all the new products that I miss seeing cards made with stamps I already own. Making something old new again!