Thursday, January 31, 2008

Using Older Products

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is staying warm today. Our temp is at 18 degrees right now, but it's overcast and the sun is hiding so it feels COLD!

Today's post is about using older products. Products that you bought because you loved them, but haven't used them yet. Some people will throw things out because they are old and 'not in' anymore. Now, if you throw things out because it's not your style anymore that's a totally different thing, but don't just throw things out because they're old. Find a new use for them. Cards are perfect for using things that are older and even things that may not be quite your style anymore. This card is an example of that. I have had these epoxy stickers for a VERY long time and haven't used them in probably as long. But on there is a card-a-day challenge and one of the days was to use epoxies. Now, epoxies aren't really my style, so I don't have many of them, and I just don't buy them anymore, but I did have these in my stash, so it allowed me to play as well as use some of my collection that I normally wouldn't have used. It was a win-win all the way around. Plus I think the card turned out pretty cute! Another one to add to my Valentine's card collection.

Remember, yesterday's post was about "Loving your Unloved Stamps" so be sure to scroll and leave a comment with a link to your creation using your unloved stamp.

Our quote of the day: "Beauty is whatever gives joy." - Hugh Nibley

Thanks for coming by and have a great day!!

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